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Mouth of Madness is the 11th scene of Manhunt, where Cash is taken back to Darkwoods Penitentiary to face his former fellow inmates called the Smileys.


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After leaving the Carcer Chem Factory, Cash is picked up by the Cerberus and taken back to Darkwoods Penitentiary, where he is intructed by Starkweather to kill the gown wearing Smiley and bring his body to the guard room.

First he must escape the first room which is locked off by a mesh door and a Smiley guarding it. Cash turns on an electric chair with a victim tied to it behind a glass door to lure the first Smiley into the room where Cash kills him and escapes.

Then he must reach the green houses but there's a few Smileys guarding the door leading to it and will lock the door if they see him (but only temporarily). Cash must then find a gas can to blast through a wall where the Smileys have bricked themselves inside the tower.

Cash then makes his way to the gown wearing Smiley, kills him and brings the body (or the head) to the guard room as instructed, where he leaves his weapons and continues to the next scene.


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  • This scene is named after the 1995 John Carpenter movie, In the Mouth of Madness.
  • According to an early official screenshot, the Skinz were going to appear in this mission.
  • On the electric chair machine, there is writing that reads "High Tech Solid State 1500 Watt Zapping Machine. Please note: This really fucking hurts!"
  • If the player brings the final hunter's head rather than his body, Cash with be rewarded with an early shotgun in the next scene.
  • In the tower, where some Smileys bricked in themselves, you can find 2 graffitis on the tower walls. One says: "What's going on in man's head? We're gonna have to fuckin' see!" The other says: "I will give shit for your brains!"

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