Шаблон:GangThe Legion is a gang made up of Dixmor Inmates and failed Project experiments.

Not much is known about them except that they are just a bunch of psychos and whack jobs that spend their time roaming around the Dixmor Hospital. They're more of a crazy alliance than a gang. Some are heard saying biblical phrases, while others keep asking for their head to be fixed. They appear in the missions Awakening and Release Therapy. In the beta, the legion were meant to appear in the Domestic Disturbance. Their weapons of choice are the Light Handgun, the Heavy Handgun, the Assault Rifle and the Sub-Machine Gun.


  • The Legion originally played a big role in Domestic DisturbanceDanny had to kill three Project Scientists, and the Project Scientists sent out the Legion to patrol the streets. They originally wore brown coats and masks with crosses on their backs.


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